• They mounted a large 86" screen in our office very efficiently and turned out great! IT was very fast and convenient.

    Nathalie B Avatar
    Nathalie B
  • This company knows their stuff. Jay was great- followed up and goes the extra mile. Definitely and asset to TV Installation!

    Vanessa L Avatar
    Vanessa L
  • Fast service, in and out in 30 min. TV perfectly centered. Friendly staff

    Kathryn C Avatar
    Kathryn C
  • Awesome experience. Friendly staff my TV is placed nice and neat. I will use again.

    Naomi Green Avatar
    Naomi Green
  • Thanks to the team of Tv Installation Houston & Home Theater, Sterlling McCall customers have an exceptional wait experience. Great Job!

    Edwin Solorio Avatar
    Edwin Solorio
  • Great service and good price. Jay is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him

    Farhan Qureshi Avatar
    Farhan Qureshi
  • Thanks TV Installation Houston for the hook up. 80in screen looks great! The sound system by the pool is insane!!! I love it!Jay know his sh**! I’ll be ordering another Marantz in 3 weeks!Oj-

    Odis James Avatar
    Odis James
  • TV Installation Houston completed multiple installs at my home and I was extremely satisfied. I have to admit because the company wasn’t a main commercial company, I was hesitant. After being referred and getting the service, I am having them complete my daughter’s outdoor patio. The owner showed me love on the receiver and I was happy with the price. The company also gave me a follow up call.Thanks for great customer service.MD Price.

    Marlon Price Avatar
    Marlon Price
  • I am extremely happy with this company! I will never discount the smaller company because their name is not Best Buy! This company came out, installed additional speakers in my wall to create a 7.0 instead of 5.0.The owner came out and walked me through everything. I am so satisfied and most of all I felt I wasn’t taken advantage of. Thank you TV Installation Houston.Amini-

    amini lewis Avatar
    amini lewis
  • I was referred by a good friend and once again my boy didn’t let me down. TV Installation Houston came through with a fair quote, then came back with every product I ordered (without having to stand in a store talking to an unexperienced new hire). I even bought a power conditioner which helps regulate the power coming in my house to prevent power fry’s. The owner came out and did a fantastic job!Simon C

    Simon Cabello Avatar
    Simon Cabello


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